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It is a natural act to love a couple to "sex".

"Sex" is not a means of sports or pleasure. It is a reproductive act of making descendants.

Moreover, "sex" involves social and economic responsibility.

"Natural contraceptive sex" is waiting for results of "pregnancy" and "childbirth".

It is natural for young people to be interested in "sex".

Because I am interested and feeling good, both I and the other party are hurt.

Contraception is very important if you cannot be economically independent, such as students or underage.

There is also a choice of "not to have sex" as a kindness to the partner.

Even in "sex" as "communication of love", respect for each other’s personality and body is desired.

With "sex" or "STD (sexually transmitted disease)", if you hurt your heart and body and you lose trust, there is no meaning of "communication of love".

This website will broadly interpret "safe sex" and defines it as "honest and responsible sex to create a good relationship with partners with the prevention of contraception and sexually transmitted diseases."

In English, it seems that it is often expressed as "Safer Sex" meaning "safer".

It is expressed as "Safe Sex" on this site.

We aim to enlighten and spread "safe sex".

"SafeSex" is a site aiming for enlightenment and dissemination of safe sex.

Cooperation with sites targeting safe sex

Enlightenment by experienced mutual peer care

Diffusion of correct knowledge by experts

※ We will not deal with sexual pursuit, sexual treatment of interest-oriented.

※ I do not recommend sex to young people. You are the person who understands the risk correctly and decides what to do.

It is not a substitute for medical practice. Please use at your own risk.

The content of the contents of the homepage and the message of the bulletin board do not guarantee its certainty.

Also, it is not a substitute for medical practice.

Please use the information at your own risk, based on your own judgment.

Even if there are inconvenience and disadvantage, please be aware that the information provider is not responsible.

※ Please contact the administrator for details and expressions that will cause mistakes or misunderstandings. We will consider modification and deletion.

It may include exciting expressions.

This homepage is not an adult homepage.

But I believe it is important to convey accurate sex information.

Therefore, sexual terms may be included.

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